Your financial commitment is one that should be made after prayerful consideration and reflection. It should be intentional, planned and proportionate.

Although everyone's contribution will be different, the Church uses the tithe (10%) as a benchmark by which all of us can gauge our gifts.

How Much Should I Give?
At St. Anna's, we have apportioned the tithe as follows:
5% to the weekly offertory
1% to the Archbishop's Annual Appeal
4% to Capital Campaigns

For some, this goal may be hard to reach; others may decide to give more. Everyone's weekly gift should adequately reflect God's generosity.

How Do I Participate?

Prayerfully bring to mind the blessings God has bestowed upon you and let the Holy Spirit guide your decision on giving back to the Lord. You may either make your pledge online or fill out a pledge card.

How To Make A Donation? There are several opportunities for you to make a donation to St. Anna’s Catholic Church.

Online - Make a secured donation using the Online Giving (click here for Online Giving Page). You can make a general donation or a donation to the Capital Campaign for the new church.

Donation Envelopes - Envelopes are sent bimonthly to the address in our membership directory. You can put the envelope in the donation basket during mass or take it to the office during office hours.

Printable form to mail or fax - An electronic check and credit card form is also available. You can complete a donation form and mail or fax it to the church office. If interested in this option, please contact St Anna’s office at 770-267-7637 or e-mail

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