St. Anna's Feast Day

The name of the Church is the name of it’s patron. As such, our patron is St. Anna, whose feast is on July 26. However, liturgical law allows the feast to be moved to the nearest Sunday to make it a more solemn celebration. Thus, the patronal feast for this year is being celebrated on July 28, the closest Sunday to her feast. In the old canon law code of 1917, the patronal feast was considered a holyday and brought all the solemnity of a holyday to the Mass. While that is no longer true, it does speak to the importance of the day. The feast of St. Anna is our feast, for it is the name day of the parish and is a kind of birthday for the parish. One would tell the history of the saint and of the parish. We ask for the protection of St. Anna and ask her to intercede for us at the altar of God. She is OUR saint. 

I hope to see you at the feast day celebrations and to join in the meal for the day.  We are the parish of St. Anna and we need to celebrate her presence in the parish. St. Anna is part of the story of salvation, for she is the grandmother of our Savior and the mother of Mary.  

 -Kevin Faulkner

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