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Prayers for you and your families in this time of challenges. We are always available either email or call. Our office is closed but we are still connected through email. We can Zoom if you feel the tug to have a meeting. My door is always open to all. Please do not hesitate to reach out I am your supportive faith help right after Fr. Dan.



Please join us at the St. Anna’s website (, Fr. Dan is live streaming mass on Sundays at 10 AM and he is streaming informational video on Tuesday and Thursdays. You can also, watch mass with your children later if you missed the 10 AM mass. The Archdiocese website is also offering mass. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. We will not be able to receive the palms as we normally do but, please watch the mass this Sunday. Next week is Holy Week. The Triduum starts Holy Thursday. I will be sending some support information on Monday for our families to celebrate.



We hope you are utilizing our resources to continue faith education:

The Pflaum program has made it possible to help with continuing faith education from home. If you still haven’t registered yet, please do so at – click "Register" in the top bar. During the registration process you will be asked for the customer number which is 1127010. Once you are registered, scroll down under the 5 colored boxes. You will see a beige colored box that says: What is Pflaum doing in response to COVID-19. In that explanation there is a click here button – click there and it will take you to the levels. Click on the appropriate level and the weeks will come up. You can download the appropriate lessons. The only thing they will not have access to is the "What the Church Believes and Teaches" (books students have in class).

At the home screen where the 5 colored boxes are, there is a parent resources button with resources available to parents. There is a pacing guide to help parents with the Gospel Weeklies, weekly videos, The Gospel at Home, and much more. Check out the tutorial videos to help parents – “Gospel Weeklies for Parents” tutorial video available in English and Spanish.

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Now more than ever, we must hold fast to the great virtue of Hope.

In an effort to assist Catholics everywhere, we are opening our doors to make the FORMED platform free to everyone for 40 days. Sign up today and get immediate access to the best Catholic movies, faith formation videos, audio talks, and great children’s videos. Go to



Let us Pray:
Almighty God, you created me to know, to love and to serve you. Open my mind so that I may recognize that all quest for wisdom and knowledge begin and end in you. Open my heart so that I may respond to the love you offer by offering mine in return. Open my hands that I may willingly offer to another what you so freely give me. Protect me from pride, from cynicism, from despair. Help me to hope in you so that I may be renewed by the power of your Holy Spirit, today and all the days of my life. Let’s turn our hear to GOD. AMEN.





Beatitude and the Mustard Seed

The Religious Education Ministry is focused on the educational process rooted in the Traditions and Scripture of the Catholic Church. Through our knowledge of the Beatitudes and the story of the Mustard Seed, we are able to start modeling the Catholic Practice of Faith for our Children, allowing the Good News to resonate the love and acceptance of our brothers and sisters. CC 1728/pg. 429: The Decalogue, the Sermon on the Mount, and the apostolic catechesis describe for us the paths that lead to the Kingdom of heaven, Sustained by the grace of Holy Spirit, we tread them, step by step, by everyday acts. By the working of the Word of Christ, we slowly bear fruit in the Church to the glory of God.25 (Bear Fruit like the Parable of Mustard Seed in Matthew 13:31-32, Mark 4:30-32, and Luke 13:18-19) CC1728/In Brief: The Beatitudes confront us with the decisive choices concerning earthly goods; they purify our hearts in order to teach us the love God above all this.

The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is normally celebrated in the winter of Grade 2. We require attendance in grade 1 as a prerequisite to entering the 2nd grade sacramental preparation year. Special programs are offered for children in higher grades who need to be prepared for this sacrament.

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion is normally celebrated in the Spring of Grade 2 on a Sunday afternoon. We require attendance in Grade 1 as a prerequisite to entering the 2nd grade sacramental preparation year. Special programs are offered for children in higher grades who need preparation for this sacrament.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred upon young people in the tenth grade and older who express a desire for this sacrament of initiation. Youth seeking the sacrament of Confirmation must have successfully completed the 7th & 8th grade in the School of Religion or attend a Catholic High School. St. Anna’s has a two year Confirmation preparation program which begins in the ninth grade and concludes in the Spring of the tenth grade. Students must successfully complete both the 9th and 10th grade, demonstrate readiness by their regular Sunday worship and regular attendance at School of Religion classes. Students in the 9th grade will be expected to complete 10 hours of community service. 10th grade Confirmation candidates will be expected to complete 20 hours of service and attend an overnight retreat. All requirements to be met will be explained at a parent/candidate meeting.

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School of Religion Advisory Board Minutes – 7-25-19

School of Religion Advisory Board Minutes – 10-24-19

St. Anna's Religious Education forms and calendar.

School of Religion Calendar

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St. Anna's Religious Education forms en Español.

(Próximamente) 2020-21 Paquete de registro de la Escuela de Religión de Santa Ana


Forms, calendar and handbooks related to Confirmation:
Confirmation Preparation Calendar (under revision)
Confirmation Candidate Responsibilities
Confirmation Service Project Report - Grade 10 - Individual Form
Confirmation Candidate Information
Confirmation Name Information
Guidelines for Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor
Confirmation Sponsor Information
Confirmation Requirements For 10th Grade
Confirmation Requirements For 9th Grade
Confirmation Service Hours Requirement Information - 9th Grade
Confirmation Service Form - 9th Grade

Safe Environment Policy of the Archdiocese of Atlanta

In accordance with the U.S. Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, the program Protecting God’s Children – Teaching Touching Safety (commonly referred to as “Virtus”) is used in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade participate in one or two safety lessons in their first year and once they move the next grade group. The Safe Environment training for Adults of the Archdiocese of Atlanta includes training in how to recognize, prevent and report abuse. All employees, and volunteers who regularly work with minors, receive this initial training, as well as ongoing training and background screening. The Code of Conduct, Sexual Abuse Policy, Ministerial Standards for Clergy, Educators and all Working with Children and Vulnerable Individuals, Social Media Policy as well as the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People are available at the diocesan website, An overview of the children’s training, parent, guide, and lesson plans are also available on the diocesan website.

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