Hedge Trimming - The volunteers cut and trim hedges, bushes, etc. throughout the year as need. If several share this job they make a plan to split the work.

Buildings (Interior / Exterior) - Coordinator works with Parish Handy man to monitor outside and inside maintenance of the church, rectory, office, and School of Religion buildings. These volunteers agree to be called on periodically to perform general maintenance of facilities such as painting, minor carpentry or replacing/repairing items This activity occurs when needed apart from scheduled Spring‐Fall Parish “Work Day”.

Cleaning (Interior) - Parishioners with a “sense of ownership” agree to keep up the general appearance of the interior of the church. We employ janitorial service weekly but these parishioners agree remove bulletins/paper from the pews after Mass, use sweepers, and place hymnals in a neatly in pews holders: maintain general tidiness.

Parish "Work Days" - Are to be scheduled in Spring and/or the Fall. Some work inside and others outside the Church. Coordinator consults staff and makes “to‐do” list. Painting, dusting, polishing, and changing smoke alarm batteries: these are all possible items to do.

Flower Beds - In early spring, the Coordinator solicits volunteers to “adopt a flower bed” by putting notices in bulletin and a map of flower bed locations on bulletin board. Those who plant the flower beds are responsible for their care throughout the growing season.

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