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Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Are you looking for a way to connect with others in our parish community? Do you desire to renew your prayer life, while establishing new friendships along the way?

Need to recharge your spiritual batteries? Come attend a spirit filled Christ centered overnight retreat held at St Anna's.



Ginny Harlan, Women's CRHP Lay Director

Marielena Broome, Spiritual Director

Senta Penvose, Facilitator

Karen Straub co-Invitation Coordinator

Betsy Marshall co-Invitation Coordinator



Men's CRHP – Lay Director, TBD

Al Alexander – Facilitator




Christ Renews His Parish, or CRHP, is a program designed to help us renew our Christian faith by bringing members of the Holy Spirit community together in Christ. It is a break from your busy schedule of personal, business and family obligations so that you can refresh yourself spiritually and renew your heart by meeting with and listening to the experiences of other men or women from our Parish in an informal and relaxed environment of reflection, fellowship and fun. Everyone is free to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable doing. Discussion and sharing is enjoyed by all participants. After the weekend, the opportunity to continue faith formation exists with an option to continue to meet and grow as a spiritual community and eventually share what they have experienced with others.

It is time to relax, pray and rethink priorities.

It is time to get to know others in the parish and grow as a community.

It is an opportunity to examine, rediscover and/or intensify your personal relationship with Christ.

It is a weekend of reflection and sharing of spiritual and real life issues.

CRHP offers separate weekends for both men and women. Accommodations are basic, with the Parish Hall serving as “home” for the weekend.

The process is personal, inspirational, and fulfilling. Many participants feel that the “weekend” was among the most powerful and positive experience of their lives.

Brochures and information:

CRHP Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet – Click here

CRHP IV Women's Brochure – Click here

CRHP Men's Brochure – Click here


    - Women's CRHP Retreat PDF Registration Form – Click here

    - Women's Retreat Online Registration Form – Click here

    - Men's Retreat Online Registration Form – Click here

    - Men's Retreat PDF Registration Form – Click here


Call the CRHP contacts listed on left or see the brochure for additional information.

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