Care Portal is Coming!

St. Anna's Is joining Care Portal for Foster Care in Walton County!

We are revitalizing our Foster Care ministry! By joining Care Portal, St. Anna’s will participate with other area churches to address the needs of deprived children in Walton County. Care Portal connects churches to their local social services agency; for us that’s Walton County Department of Family and Children Services – DFCS. Upon screening by DFCS, requests are submitted through the Care Portal, a computer system, where St. Anna’s and other participating members in our local ministerial community can choose to pitch in to help a family in need.  While poverty often contributes to families becoming involved with DFCS, those who help impoverished families often need support too, so they can extend care to their nieces, nephews, or neighbors to keep them out of foster care.  Requests range from hygiene items and diapers to furniture, which can sometimes be met by our faithful servants at FISH, in which case St. Anna’s knows exactly how to make those connections!  Other requests beyond the capacity of FISH may range from automobile needs such as tires or fuel so a mom can drive her baby to a specialist, to securing new bedding for children to sleep on at their aunt’s home while their parents complete drug rehab.  Care Portal is designed to help prevent children from entering foster care and to assist families in reuniting with child(ren) who are in foster care. 

We will be sending out emails from time to time with these specific requests to help these families. If you can help with a need, please let us know!

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