Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Thank you for your commitment to serve at the Altar of the Lord. It is both an honor and a privilege to be an Altar Server and your service is very much appreciated. As a minister of the altar, you model for the entire community how to worship and this helps everyone celebrate Mass better. Keeping in mind that you are a model for those worshiping at Mass, please participate fully in the Eucharistic Celebration and always approach your ministry with respect, reverence, and responsibility. When you are actively engaged in the act of worship you inspire others to follow your lead. Below are a few guidelines and reminders that you should be aware of if you are new to serving or have been serving at St. Anna’s for many years.

Schedule: Schedules are prepared every 2 months, posted on St. Anna's website under Ministries > Liturgy > Mass Ministries Scheduler and sent via e-mail, posted in the vestibule, and also listed in the Sunday bulletin. Please remember to check to see if you are scheduled to serve. If you would like to change the Mass time or frequency that you are scheduled please contact the parish office (770-267-7637).

Please keep in mind that you will periodically (once every two months) be scheduled to serve at the 10:15 Mass. Since most of our servers are in Religious Education classes during this time it is necessary to pull students from class to serve. This is considered an excused absence.

If you are not able to make your assigned date or time, please take the responsibility to secure a replacement. This is very important and reflects your commitment and respect to others who serve and worship at Mass. There have been numerous times when servers have not shown up and ministers are left finding someone to fill in at the last minute. If you ever have difficulties finding a substitute contact Rebecca Miller (770-274-9772).

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Mass time. Remember to sign in on the clipboard. If you are a substitute for another server, indicate this when you sign in and place “sub” beside your name.

Upon arrival, you should immediately dress for Mass. If your child is new to serving please assist them in putting on the correct size alb, a cincture, and wooden cross. (The alb should fit so as to hit the tops of your shoes.) After Mass please hang your alb neatly on the hanger and place it back in the closet. Parents please assist your young child if they need help replacing the alb.

Dress Code: As a server ministering to God’s people always dress with respect. Remember you are assisting at Mass and how we dress shows respect for and dedication to your ministry. You should be dressed in your “Sunday best.” Below are some rules to abide by when serving at Mass. It is a good idea to always come prepared in case you are needed as a replacement.

Dress pants. Girls may wear slacks or calf-length skirts or dresses.
Dress shirts with collar. Girls may wear light-colored blouses with sleeves.
No T-shirts with bright colors or graphics. These show though white albs.
No Shorts or No Jeans.

Dress shoes only. These may be black or brown for boys and black, brown, or white for girls. Girls heels may be no higher than 1 inch.
Socks are required. Dark colored dress socks. Girls may wear skin-colored hose.
No Tennis shoes, Sneakers, or Athletic Shoes.
No Sandals (including leather, sport sandals or crocs).
No Flip-flops, Clogs, or Open-toed Shoes.

Watches may be worn and necklaces if they are covered by the alb.
No dangling earrings or distracting jewelry that will make noise and interfere with your duties at the Altar.

Hair/ Makeup:
Hair should have a neat and clean look-out of the way of the eyes. It should be trimmed and appropriate for boys and girls. Girls with long hair are encouraged to have it pulled back.
Hair color and makeup, if any should be minimal. Heavy makeup can stain the white albs.

On behalf of the St. Anna’s parish family, thank you again for serving the Lord as an Altar Server.

If you have any questions please contact the Altar Server Coordinator, Rebecca Miller, at 770-274-9772, e-mail or the parish office at 770-267-7637.

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