St. Anna's Catholic Church


Capital Campaign



"Freedom to Grow, Serve, Give."




GOAL of $850,000 for the following Purposes


     1. Pay Off Mortgage

     2. Pave rear parking lot, pave improved stairs to pavilion, stations path, & concrete repairs.

     3. An acoustical solution in the Narthex.

     4. Sound system for Parish Hall.


3 Year Campaign

December 2017 - December 2020



Campaign IV Team Members


Campaign Management Team
Scheduling Manager – Brandy Lake –
Pastor – Fr. Dan Toof –
Campaign Co-Chairs – Mike Morris –   
                                 Gina Griego -


Pledge Card - Pledges or donations are always welcomed towards this capital campaign. This will be a Three Year Campaign. Click here to download a pledge card.


Please complete a pledge card and drop it off or mail it to the office as soon as possible.


Your questions may be be sent by e-mail to Brandy Lake or contact the office at 770-267-7637.


REMEMBER: Your pledge will make the Difference!



“Naturally participation is voluntary; I do ask all to give this prayerful consideration and do what you believe it right.” - Father Dan



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